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Marinelife workshop

Unlock the Mysteries of Marine Life with this Workshop

Are you a passionate diver with a thirst for knowledge about the underwater world? Do you find yourself asking questions like "What am I looking at?" or "What are corals?" Then dive into the secrets of marine life with our Marinelife Workshop!

What to Expect:

Day 1: 3pm-5pm

  • Engaging Lecture: Delve into the intricacies of marine life with our expert instructor. Learn to identify various species, understand their behavior, and find answers to your underwater queries.

Day 2: 8:30am-2pm

  • Underwater Adventure: Armed with newfound knowledge, embark on two boat-dives under the guidance of our experienced instructor. Explore the Langkawi underwater world and get up close with marine creatures. Check out our divesite map here.

Empower Your Diving Adventures: Participating in our Marinelife Workshop will deepen your understanding of marine life and make you a more responsible and informed diver. You'll appreciate the beauty of underwater ecosystems while contributing to their preservation for future generations.

Workshop Details:

  • Minimum Participants: 2 (Solo divers, please let us know – there might be a pre-planned program you can join)

  • Price: RM550 per diver

  • Did you book your divetrip already? just add RM240 for this program.

  • Included: Participant booklet, 2 boat-dives, equipment use, and coffee/tea during the surface interval.



Reserve Your Spot: Space is limited, so don't miss your chance to explore the mysteries of marine life. Secure your spot today!



We dive with max 2 divers per PADI instructor and we only take 6 people on our boat; to make sure you have a spot, it is recommended to book in advance. A deposit is required.

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