PADI open water course at langkawi scuba

PADI Open Water Diver Course

Prices season 2021-2022


  • Swimtest:      

To be a certified diver you need to show us you can float/tread water for 10min and swim 200m (any style, no timelimit).

  • Theory:           

To be able to pass a multiple-choice exam, you will learn all about dive-theory and safety from a manual, video and your instructor. Our “classroom” is right on the beach.

  • Confined water training:       

You will get to know your equipment and learn a lot of diving skills in shallow water.

  • The dives:      

In deeper water, on actual divesites, you will perfect your diving skills on 4 dives while looking at the fish and corals.

Option 1: Full course with Langkawi Scuba

Option 2: PADI e-learning

Option 3: Referral

Option 4: PADI Scuba Diver Course

Option 1: Full Course with Langkawi Scuba



3 Full days, usually from 9am till 5pm. This is flexible, depending on how fast you learn, how long your lunchbreaks are, the weather or your travel-schedule (no flying 18 hours after diving). All 4 parts of the course (mentioned above) will be completed with Langkawi Scuba.


The homework you will have to complete before coming to Langkawi, is 3 videos (2,5hours) and knowledge reviews. Al quizes and exams will be completed at Langkawi Scuba.

RM 1390 

(Including: equipment rental, PADI course manual, logbook, PADI certification-fees and coffee/tea & snacks between boatdives)

Get 10% off when signing up with 2 or more students.

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seahorse at langkawi scuba
frog fish at langkawi scuba
student diver at langkawi scuba
seahorse at langkawi scuba
PADI e-learning with Langkawi Scuba

Option 2: PADI E-learning



You can get started immediately with the knowledge development portion of the course and work at your own pace using the PADI eLearning® system.

With PADI E-learning you are able to choose to do your theory online or offline.

At Langkawi Scuba:

When you get to us, you will have to complete a quick quiz to see if we need to repeat any of the theory with you.

You will then complete the practical part of the course with us.



3-Day schedule:

Day 1: 9am-1pm, confined water training & quick quiz.

Day 2: 8:30am-2pm, 2 open water dives.

Day 3: 8:30am-2pm, 2 open water dives


2-day schedule :

Day 1: 8:30am-6pm, confined water training and 1 open water dive.

Day 2: 8:30am-6pm, 3 open water dives.

This option is physically challenging/tiring!

(Availability depending on the weather and instructor-availability, and not available in October and May)



You pay separately for the e-learning and for the diving at Langkawi Scuba

AUD 207 payment directly to PADI for E-learning program.

(click here to see different prices for around the world)

(including: online/offline study materials and PADI certification fee)



RM 990 for your confined water training and 4 dives at Langkawi Scuba.

(including: logbook, equipment rental and coffee/tea & snacks between boatdives)

Get 10% off when signing up with 2 or more students

before you:

stingray at langkawi scuba

Option 3: Referral


Do your theory and Confined sessions with a PADI instructor in your home town before your trip.

Bring your referral and then do your certification dives with us at Langkawi Scuba.

It is best not to wait too long between your theory/confined and your dives so that you dont have to do a refresher (extra RM150) with us.

Duration: You will need 2 mornings 9am-2pm to complete the 4 dives. (no flying 18 hours after diving)

RM 890 Get 10% off when signing up with 2 or more students

Including: logbook, equipment rental, PADI certification-fees and coffee/tea & snacks between boatdives. Your referring instructor should provide the PADI course manual. Ask for a discount if you did e-learning.







We dive with max 2 divers per PADI instructor and we only take 6 people on our boat; to make sure you have a spot, it is recommended to book in advance. A deposit is required.

Option 4: PADI Scuba Diver Course


This certification is for people who dont have enough time to complete the full Open water course within a timespan of a year. The certification allows you to dive with a Divemaster, anywhere in the world, to a maximum depth of 12m.

Duration: 1,5 days (same as the first part of the PADI Open Water Course)

RM 990 Get 10% off when signing up with 2 or more students

Including: PADI Manual, logbook, equipment rental, PADI certification-fees and coffee/tea & snacks between boatdives.

clownfish at langkawi scuba
clownfish at langkawi scuba

Your health:


Medical questionair: Diving is a very safe and relaxing sport but can at times be physically demanding and you need to be in good health. Before each course you will have to fill in this form.

If you can answer all questions with NO(including the question about Covid19), then you can start your course right away. If you have to answer YES, then get the form signed by a physician to make sure it is safe for you to go diving.

Glasses: Do you wear glasses? You will not be able to keep them on during diving so it is recommended you wear contact lenses during the program.

Flying: For health-reasons, do not plan your dive on the day that you are flying.

Langkawi Scuba is PADI all the way:

Did you know you can check if your divecenter or instructor is registered with PADI? Langkawi Scuba is a PADI registered diveresort and we only let you dive with certified PADI instructors.

Check here for divecenters (S25081) or click here for instructors.(472140/482334)

Want to know more about us: click here